About Us

Alpha Phi Omega is an international, gender-inclusive community service fraternity dedicated to developing leadership, promoting friendship, and providing service. It is the largest collegiate fraternity in the US with chapters on over 350 campuses and 25,000 active members. Our chapter at Washington University in St. Louis has over 150 members.

Main Events

APO is involved in various events throughout the year, including some planned and run by our members.

Our Values

We strive to embody these values through our programming.
Be a Leader
With up to 20 elected positions and 60 appointed positions, our members have ample opportunities to be leaders and make a difference in our chapter. Additionally, we offer leadership development events including leadership courses, trainings, lectures and round-tables meant to encourage members to become more socially involved on campus.
Be a Friend
We believe that fun and fellowship are an important part of building a community in Alpha Phi Omega. From Fitness Fellowship to Family Dinners, there are a variety of on and off-campus social events to enjoy and meet other members. We strive to make fellowship accessible to all members by offering numerous free or subsidized events.
Be of Service
The main purpose of our organization is to provide members with opportunities to serve on campus and in the community. Service projects get members involved with animals, youth services, hunger and homelessness, senior services, sustainability and the environment and many other areas. We are always improving and expanding our service opportunities.
Service Hours
Fellowship Hours
Leadership Hours

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Contact me with any general inquiries, comments, or concerns about our chapter.



    Contact me if you are an outside organization seeking volunteers or if you would like more information about the service we do.

      Pledge Advisors


      We oversee the pledging process. Please contact us if you would like more information about how to join our chapter.