What is pledging?

Anyone interested in joining Alpha Phi Omega must complete a semester-long pledging process before becoming active members. Through pledging you will learn about Alpha Phi Omega, bond with your pledge class, meet active members and participate in service, fellowship and leadership. Pledging happens every semester, is non-selective and open to all years.

Before Pledging

In order to pledge, you must attend one info session, one rush event and fill out the intent to pledge form. If you’re interested in pledging, come find us at the activity fair or look for event info posted on our Facebook page at the beginning of each semester.


In order to initiate there are several requirements pledges must fulfill. These requirements are designed to help you learn about what being an active member is like and transition into our chapter. This averages out to a time commitment of about 5 hours a week.


  • 15 hours of service
  • 7 hours of fellowship
  • 4 hours of leadership
  • 1 hour of fundraising

Meetings and Rituals

  • Attend all 3 rituals
    • Pledge Ritual
    • Big/Little Reveal
    • Initiation
  • Attend pledge retreat
  • Attend all pledge meetings
  • Attend two active meetings


  • Get the signatures of everyone in your pledge class
  • Get 5 active signatures
  • Pay Dues ($35 at Pledge Ritual, $35 at Initiation)
  • Pass the pledge final

Pledge Exec

One of the great parts about pledging is that leadership positions are open to pledges right away. Each pledge class elects their own pledge exec. They are then responsible for planning several events including a service event, a fellowship event, a fundraiser, and a pledge-active competition.

Becoming an Active

Active members have somewhat different requirements than pledges. An “active” member completes the following semester requirements. However, APO offers its members the option to take up to three semesters with lighter requirements.

  • 25 hours, of which
    • 15 must be service
    • 5 must be fellowship
    • 5 may be whatever you like, service, fellowship or leadership
  • 1 hour of fundraising
  • 4 hours of leadership
  • 2 rituals
  • All active meeting
    • unlimited number of excused absences (for jobs, school, etc.)
    • 3 unexcused absences
  • Pay dues ($35)


Contact: vpPledgeMembership.apo@gmail.com